Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Zone Leader in the Peten Zone!

Hello, family!

Sorry for writing a day late yet again! But yesterday was Change Conference . . . aaaaannnnnddddd . . . the oldest pure Cap missionary (Elder Jensen) has left the Capital!!!!!!!! Finally . . . LOL . . . All my waiting and patience paid off. I’m now Zone Leader over the biggest zone in the mission! The Peten Zone!!!!!! Whoop whoop! I just got the chills sayin’ it again. LOL! I have Tikal and El Mirador and all that in my Zone.

I arrived in Peten last night at like 12pm on the bus. The bus ride was 8-1/2 hours long . . . LOL . . . It stunk, but I was happy to arrive safely. No one knows what’s gonna happen on a long Guat trip like that . . . LOL . . . So, my area is San Benito but I’m the Zone Leader so I’ll get to know all the cool places . . . Haha . . . My Companion is Elder Alonso from Nicaragua and we are actually in the same group, so we both go home in six months.

I was really sad to leave Sion because I was there for six months and I really, really did love the people there (well, I love the people there) and I really loved my companion. I couldn’t have had a better companion than Elder Peterson, but I guess it was too good to last for longer than six weeks. The Bishop announced that I was leaving in Sacrament Meeting and everyone made the “awwwwww” sound. LOL. It was pretty funny actually. It was really cool, though, to know how much the people loved me (even as much as I loved them). Bishop gave me time after he heard all the “awwwwwing” to pass in front and share my testimony. It was a really cool experience, but a sad one as well. I left seven fechas in Sion, so I hope Peterson and Williams will be able to come through on ‘em! I really think five of them are for sure baptisms if the Elders keep workin’ hard. It’s cool that Elder Williams took my place there ‘cause I was with him for his first day in the mission field!

Anyway, I’m excited but scared a li’l and all that. LOL. Peten is really warm. It’s only 10am and it’s hot. LOL. Nothing like the Capital where it’s pretty chilly. This will for sure be my hottest Christmas ever. Even hotter than our Christmas in Hawaii.

Well, I’m sorry that I didn’t bring my agenda with all my notes, but I guess I’ll just have to write a super long e-mail next week with double stories.

Oh, and I’m gonna call you guys sometime today to talk to you about how we’re gonna do the phone call. I should be calling within three or four hours.

Sooooo . . . How are you all? Tell me what you guys are doin’ for Christmas! Who is gonna be in the house???? Lemme know real quick. I still have a li’l over 20 minutes.

I love you all sooooo, sooooo much! Take care!

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