Monday, October 18, 2010

Generations are changed by faithful followers of Christ

Hello, family!

Thanks for all the great info once again! You never let me down!

Thanks for sending the Clippers scores! Looks like we have been bums lately . . . LOL . . . But I’m sure we aren’t playing Davis, Gordon or Kaman much right now. Well, we shall see when I get those game recaps from you. Thank you!

Sorry . . . I forgot that I only told Dallas the idea of selling lots of my shoes. I asked him to send me a DearElder with a list of all my shoes. But I don’t think he’s going to do that on his own, so could you help him? Send me the name of the shoes and a li’l description of them in case I dno’t remember which ones they are. I told Dallas that I want to sell them so I have money for a laptop when I get home. I would also like to be able to buy more things from Guatemala. If Dallas hasn’t told you this “shoes” idea, I imagine that he hasn’t told you guys that I’m probably going to go to Gavilan and live at home . . . LOL . . . Did he tell you? So, that’s where Dylan has to go with me.

Sounds like you guys had a pretty exciting week, huh? I’m glad . . . We had a pretty good one here, I’d say! So, I’ll share some of it with y’all!

To begin . . . Last week, I said happy birthday to Randy and James, but not Megan! Sorry! LOL! Happy Birthday to Megan! And Randy . . . Happy Birthday again for this week! Also, of course, Happy Birthday to my baby Aaliyah! Her birthday this year was not neeeeaaaaarly as terrible as last year . . . Sure, I thought about her all day again yesterday, but it was happy, not sad like last year. I can’t believe it’s been a year since that day, though . . . I remember it perfectly . . .

Hey . . . Question . . . What do you think would be the cheapest way to send a package home to you guys for Christmas? Do you have any ideas? Is there anyone comin’ out to Guatemala who could bring a package home to you? Or should I just start doin’ my research? Let me know ‘cause Christmas is gettin’ close!

Well, this week we had Zone Conference. I didn’t have to do anything this time which was nice and, of course, a lot less stressful! My Companion gave a very good talk . . . His message was about teaching investigators and not lessons. It was great. Elders Castro and White also gave talks that day and they did very well as well. President and Hermana Torres also gave some great talks and we got to do some good practicing. It was the best Zone Conference I’ve been to, for sure! I think it’s just a li’l more special now ‘cause they only happen once every two changes and not every change. I quite enjoyed it . . . Oh! And, at the end of the Conference, Elders Chesley and Solano gave their last testimonies. Ooooo . . . They go home soooo soon! Just a li’l more than three weeks left! Weird!

After Zone Conference, President let me go visit some of my converts (seeing as Conference was in the Ermita building where I served for six months). My companion and I visited Luis, Paola and Cindy who were inactive when I left Ermita. They had bad grades and their mom wouldn’t let them go to church, so I wasn’t quite sure if I was gonna lose them to inactivity forever. Buuuuut . . . When I got to their house and started talkin’ to ‘em about it, they said that they have been goin’ to Church every Sunday for the past three months! They now have church books, hymn books, more scriptures . . . They have really progressed! Ahhhh! It was such a cool feeling to know that my converts are doing soooo well! I start to think about all the generations that will be changed for three faithful people being baptized . . . It was a very cool visit . . . I couldn’t have been much happier . . . Unless all of you had been with me! LOL . . .

That same day, after Zone Conference and the visits to my friends in Ermita and some visits in my real assigned area, my companion and I had a meeting with President Torres and President Mendez (the Stake President) to get some plans prepared for Stake Conference. It will be held on November 6 and 7. I think I already told you that Elder Falabella will be here, so we are very excited and nervous! LOL! President Torres gave us a goal to have thirty investigators from each area at Stake Conference that Sunday. Ooooo . . . That’s a lot! But I’m workin’ on my faith to be able to do it! So, we are getting started early to get ‘em invited! I really know we can do it . . . We just gotta work on it every day! President Mendez said something later in the week that I really like . . . I said that miracles are brought to pass by everyone. He said that they are brought to pass one by one. It’s so true! Sooo simple but true. All we have to do is invite everyone, one by one, and pass their house one by one to remind them and help them get there! We can SO do it!

Well . . . That’s all I’ve really got for now! I sure love you all and appreciate all of your support! Take care and I look forward to hearin’ from ya soon! Lemme know if you’ve got questions or anything!

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