Monday, April 12, 2010

"Another great week with exciting changes!"

Heyyyyy yo!

Thanks for all the updates! And for the picture of Dylan, too! I sure hope you guys get the pictures I sent you today! I can’t believe that Butler almost had Duke with a three at the buzzer! Dang it!!!! And it sounds like you guys had a very entertaining week! Lucky! I wanna go to an A’s game! LOL!

Well . . .Questions . . .

Did Cali really have a huge earthquake??? What happened? Everyone’s good, right?

Where did Jermain end up goin’ when he left MPC?

Well, I had a pretty dog on good week . . .

I got to go on Divisions with Elder Petersen this week. He’s one of my Zone Leaders. I had a great day with him! I got to do a baptismal interview for them. The little 9-year old girl passed her interview easily and was baptized on Sunday morning before Church. Elder Petersen and I had lots of success with good lessons and finding new investigators. I also got to meet a player from the Cremas who is an inactive member. Cremas is the huge soccer team here in Guatemala. The Cremas and the Rojos are a huge rivalry. If you live in Guatemala, you have to choose which team is going to be your favorite. I picked Creama when I first got here ‘cause I like their jerseys better . . . LOL . . . But, yea . . . The place where he lives is a really rich area and it feels too much like the United States, so I was happy to leave.

Luis, Paolo and Cindy were baptized and confirmed this weekend! Noly wasn’t quite ready, but I know that prayers were answered because we were able to baptize those three. It was a great week just for the three of them.

I popped out my shoulder yesterday but it popped right back in. Man, it hurt really, really bad for a li’l while, though. I guess that’s what I get for finally wrestling Barrientos . . . LOL . . . I just pushed him down and he tried to pull me down more and it just popped out and right back in . . . Whoooooooo . . . It hurt, though!

I was lookin’ back on the work I’ve done in my area and I feel like I have really left it better than I found it so far. With the Lord’s guidance, I have helped give the Ward six new members. Also, the average attendance at Sacrament Meeting has improved from 91 to an average of 100 over the past few weeks! Kinda cool, huh? I look forward to helping it improve the entire time I’m here . . .

So, yea . . . I don’t have a change . . . But Elder Barrientos was transferred. He bore a very nice testimony in Sacrament Meeting yesterday. He cried and all the good stuff . . . LOL . . . He really had very nice things to say about everyone and lots of people cried over him. Know what, though? He only moved one area away! LOL! So, we are still in the same District! Kinda cool and funny, huh? I’m happy for him ‘cause he likes feeling comfortable . . .

As for my companionship, I was excited to just be with Elder Mortensen, but we got put in a trio again! LOL! We now have Elder Maradiaga from Honduras. He is on his last change. I’m still Senior Companion, but I am no longer District Leader. It’s a little confusing for me, but I know I haven’t done anything to disappoint my Zone Leaders, APs or President Torres. They are all very happy with me. My Zone Leaders told me that I will probably be made a Zone Leader my next change because that’s what President seems to like to do . . . Maybe just to test me . . . Dunno though . . . I’m all good!

So, yea! Another great week with some exciting changes! I’m doing great, guys, and can’t wait to hear your voices again soon! Keep in real! Be good and safe . . . All of you! I love you millions!

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