Tuesday, April 5, 2011

General Conference in an air conditioned room . . . Money!

Hello, family!

Sorry I couldn’t write much last week! We were in the Capital and all ten “out of the Capital” Zone Leaders were together and trying to get me to hurry up so they could get on with the day, soooo . . . I had to cut my writing a li’l short. But today, I don’t!

Soooo, to answer your questions as always . . .

General Conference was for sure watched in English, buuuuuuut we didn’t get to see all of it because the satellite wasn’t working on Saturday until the 6 o’clock Priesthood Session. We got to see li’l parts of the first two Sessions by internet, but we didn’t see much. When it came on in English for the Priesthood Session, though, all the gringos got soooooo excited! There is just nothing like listening to General Conference in English in a country where everyone speaks Spanish!
Sooooo . . . Eight of us watched the General Conference in a li’l air conditioned room (money!) while everyone else watched it in the main room in Spanish. There were some very, very good talks given. Of course, my favorite is always Elder Eyring. His talk in the Priesthood session was my favorite. I also loved the talks by Elders Christofferson, Scott, Uchtdorf and Holland, of course. Hey, question . . . Does one Apostle not speak in every General Conference? He has to be away from the Conference Center in case something happens so that all the apostolic keys aren’t lost? Is that right? Or what’s up with that?

And very cool that I was the only one with UConn . . . LOL . . . Lucky guess! I can’t believe my Butler boys made it back-to-back years while I’m not home . . . LOL!

Zone Leader Council went very, very well. We really didn’t seem to receive as much teaching from President as we have in the past, but Elder Davis taught us a lot. He was called as Assistant this change. I really love the kid. He was in my Zone when I was first Zone Leader. He always worked very, very hard and, even though he wasn’t a Zone Leader, I told President he was a very special case and could be a Zone Leader without being District Leader first even though no one ever does that in this Mission. He’s just a way special kid with very special leadership abilities. I got to talk to him alone for like an hour after Zone Leader council and it was really funny because he asked for a lot of advice because I’m the “older” missionary and he looks up to me in that way. I totally understand because every younger missionary looks up to the older ones. I was my Trainer’s Zone Leader when he ended his mission, but he was always my example. I explained to him what a special leader he is. He really is changing the Office for the better already. Great, great kid . . .

For P-Day today, we went to Tikal for our Zone activity. It wasn’t quite as cool as the first time I went because it is all just so jaw-dropping the first time you see it, but it was still very, very cool. Many missionaries got to see all the temples and ruins for the first time. Plus, I got some cool pictures that I didn’t get the first time . . . LOL . . .

As far as washing clothes, we have a lady in this area who does our laundry. LOL . . . Yes! That’s a huge blessing. As far as cooking, we eat the food that we cook ourselves. We do have a cheap li’l restaurant close, so we eat there maybe a time or two a week. I’m doin’ good though, I promise. LOL . . . I’m comin’ home chubby . . . Not ‘cause I eat amazing, though, just ‘cause I can’t do all the exercise that I did before the Mission. I’ll lose it when I’m home, though. Gotta lose my huuuuuuuuge tan line too . . . LOL! Remember how I thought I was gonna come home just huge and in shape? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Well . . . Happy Birthday, Uncle Matt!

And Happy Birthday, Dad! I really was thinkin’ so much about you on your birthday. I try not to think much about home, but that day I couldn’t help it. I was just talkin’ ‘bout you to a lot of people . . . LOL . . . Many people wanted to call you on the spot to tell you happy birthday for me but I told them I couldn’t. LOL . . . I don’t know what their plan was with the language barrier anyway . . . LOL . . .

Hey, Mom . . . The Office Elders said they asked you what airport I should fly in to . . . ? LOL . . . They said you were very excited to get the e-mail . . . LOL . . . Which airport did you tell them?

Well, this Friday we had an emergency change in the Zone. That was a bummer ‘cause it was a District Leader that had to leave. He is a good Elder and I know he will be just fine and that he will get better. That change took up a lot of our time on Friday, though . . . LOL. We really hardly worked this week. Monday, we did Zone errands until 3pm. Tuesday and Wednesday we were in the Capital. Thursday we did weekly planning and bought food. Friday, the emergency change. Then, Saturday and Sunday was General Conference! LOL . . . It was a busssssy, bussssssy week! I’ve probably never worked so little in a week! Not a good thing . . . LOL . . . But I’m happy that I’m busy!

We also had a District Leader Meeting this week . . . Yesterday to be exact. I think that always helps the Zone a lot. This week we went back up in fechas again, soooo . . . That’s good stuff! I feel like the Zone is doin’ very well. In March, we led the Mission in baptisms and fechas and people in Church. Very, very cool . . .

Well . . . I love you all soooo, soooo much! Talk to you soon! Like Mother’s Day soon! LOL!

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