Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Mission.

June 10, 2009
Well, I just did and am doing laundry for the first time right now and it isn't very hard at all so I'm kind of relieved about that. Last night we had our MTC devotional and President Bednar spoke right after his wife. It was so cool, Mom. He came in and everyone stood up for him; I had the chills for like three straight minutes all over - hah. And when he testified of something or promised something it was crazy how strong the spirit was. He was just crazy amazing...
I'm going to get ready to send a little package home because I have some stuff I don't need or can't use and it will be used at home. 
I actually have been writing in my journal everyday. Grandma and Grandpa bought me one before I went into the MTC, so I was good to go. But Stacie sent me one, too, so I don't think I'll need one again on my mission. If I finish the first the first one though I'll send it home so you guys can read it. 
Time is starting to go faster so it's been a lot better. New people come in today so I'll get to watch them be a little sad and confused at first. Haha. We do get to call I guess when we get to the airport or when we are in our layover, but I 'll find out more asap and let you know. 
My Spanish is coming along; my companion and I are pretty far ahead of our district, so we have to study a lot of separate stuff or we won't learn much. Haha. El don de leaguas es reál. Yea, I've been luckily blessed so far, a lot. 
Also, what's up with my visa? I guess guys going to Mexico are having a lot of trouble getting theirs. I have mine already, don't I? What does it look like and everything? Lol. Sorry...
Well, I love you all very, very much. I miss you guys and I'm thinking about ALL of you, EVERY day. Thanks for the prayers! I pray for you all everyday, too. Stay strong!
Love you,
Elder Jensen

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